Past Rants

Windjammer Caribbean Getaway

2005-01-30 12:00pm

I've planned my official off continent getaway for 2005. I'll be hittin up the Caribbean for a week in February - and timing couldn't be more perfect to get away from the horrible cold of Sacramento. The weather here has been depressing lately.

Thanks to some peer pressure from my friends in Texas, I was convinced this is the right thing to do - Lisa, you better not be lying to me (I doubt she would).

If you want more info on the trip, check out the S.V. Polynesia on Windjammer's website.


North American Summer Tour

2004-06-08 12:00pm

With much preparation and anticipation Mike, Chris and I are heading to Toronto. This cross-continent trip will begin in Sacramento, head across Interstate 80 and see much of the great plains of the US. We're going to stay a couple nights in Chicago before reaching destination Toronto.

After a few nights in Toronto, we're going to head out on the Trans-Canada highways for Vancouver. Thunder Bay and Regina will be our stay overs before reaching Calgary for a two night experience. After a couple nights in Vancouver, one more night will be spent in Vicotria.

To top of the trip we will be heading down highway 1 and 101 for a scenic return rout along the Coastal Highway. Will we survive the 6,400 mile trek across the North American Continent? Stay tuned to find out.

For a map and timeline of our trip, check out the route.


To Go Before - Prius

2004-05-10 12:00pm

So much excitement that I cannot contain myself. I have been waiting since January to get my new car. Finally, in early May it arrived. With much anticipation I have purchased a new Toyota Prius. Initial results on refueling have yielded 40 - 50 miles per gallon. Now I can take a weekend trip to almost anywhere on the West Coast and only have to pay about $60 in gas. I'll try and get some pics of me new toy online soon.


Geriatric Spring Break 2004

2004-04-25 12:00pm

Another escape to the warmer climates of the South, or so I thought. I decided for Spring Break I would head to Texas to visit my friends in Fort Worth and beyond. The drive to and from Texas was interesting to say the least. On the way there, it began snowing around Flagstaff. So much snow in the dark, that I decided to stay over - a first for me as I usually drive straight through to my destination. The next morning, more snow. Heading out across the plains of AZ & NM, the snow storm got interesting with some lightning. Then there was the rain and the flash floods. Then came the freak hail that piled up about two inches on the road and caused several accidents all around me. The trip home was met with more rain and tornado watches issued along the highways near Amarillo

By the time I realized that I wasn't going to arrive in Texas until 3:00am, I decided to just head to OK City and stay the night. OK city was a much more happening town than I expected, definitely worth checking out all on its own the next time around.

Finally made it to Texas and got to see the lovely new home that Lisa had built. I'm envious because I nee to get a home soon, and just don't organize things well enough to do so.

So, the plan was to hit up Corpus Christi for some Spring Break festivities. Lisa, Fenan and I packed up for a road trip and sailed even further south. This was to be the first time my friends who have lived in Texas for five years have ever seen the Gulf Coast. After 6.5 hours of driving, we arrived to a very vacant and un-happening Corpus Christi. Apparently, Spring Break happens two weeks earlier in Texas than it does in California. We made the best of the evening trying to have our own fun but decided to dub the trip GSB 2004 - Geriatric Spring Break 2004.

One consolation was the drive back to Fort Worth. We did some shopping at this huge multiplex of Outlet Stores near San Antonio. Also, we stayed over in Austin. Now Austin doesn't need a Spring Break to be fun. This town is party central for Texas and we had a blast. Austin is another destination station for future trips.


New Years in San Diego

2004-03-01 12:00pm

New Years was kewl - not the bomb, but kewl. Mike and I went to San Diego, CA to escape the cold of the North. It was very picturesque for winter, and San Diego certainly has a charm. We stayed at "The Brady Bunch Inn", some reject of a hotel that looks like Mike Brady of the famed TV show designed it. Aside from the hotel and trip to Ti-juana, everything was good.

So Ti-juana... what a mistake in retrospect. I dragged Mike across the border for what I thought would be a guided tour of the city. Yes, well, shortly after crossing the border into Mexico we were abruptly dropped off on Avenida Revolucion in the heart of tourist Ti-juana for a day of fear and shopping. We made it back across into the US later in the day, and I have never been so thankful to be back in the US.

Another highlight of the trip was the San Diego Zoo. San Diego Zoo was massive, and there was literally too much to see in one day. We made our way around though and got to see quite an assortment of animal life. If I quit being too lazy I'll get some of the pics loaded from the Zoo and this trip. 

Finally, the Gawd's Gift to Humanity Shopping Center. One shopping center that has IKEA, Cocstco, and Lowe's conveniently intertwined. If I lived in San Diego, I would be financially wiped at this one location. Needless to say we did some IKEA shopping as there was a sale going on.



2004-02-04 12:00pm

So I guess I'm a total sellout for never updating my site. Okay, I'll work on it, but no fancy promises. Sometime in the next couple months I'll try to get some pics uploaded from the holidays. I had friends and family over for a kick ass holiday meal that I spent all day cooking. We were all fat and merry, and the food was good.



2003-07-20 12:00pm

What a wicked good time Sub Urban was! For those of you who made it past the murder scene blocking the main route to the house, you experienced the hospitality and wonder that is a Party @ Marty's.

We definitely need to give thanks to the supply of liquor provided, Kegs by Kevin was a definite hit, but you're all such wusses... there's still way too much keg left.

Finally, this has to be one of the best events when it comes to musical pleasure. Thank you DJ Felix, you're the bomb. The setup was awesome, and the music was great.

Check out the Party @ Marty's page for some great pictures from this grand event.

PS, October 32nd isn't too far away, start planning now.


Party @ Marty's - Sub Urban

2003-06-20 12:00pm

It's time, it's finally time. The Party @ Marty's circuit has finally reconnected. I'm proud to bring you this wonderful event that will bore the pants off ya! I think it's been almost two years since my last "event", and that went bust big time. I've learned from the past, planning is key. This time around I'm giving one full month's notice, plenty of time for all you crazy bastards to plan.

Look for invitations in your email or print a flyer from online: Party @ Marty's.

Remember, I don't mind how many people you invite, just be sure they pass a decency standard. If you wouldn't trust them in your own home with your treasured possessions, don't bring them to my house :)


Crazy Travel

2003-05-11 12:00pm

What a crazy week, all the planes and automobiles. It was a great time, less the massive ear infections that I got due to the in-flight pressure. Irvine seemed like a dream that happened all too fast. I spent the entire time working 12-hour days, and didn't even get to explore the better part of Southern California. For the first time, I've seen a side of the South State that isn't ghetto by design. I was in complete awe at the scale of size everything seemed to be. The buildings are big, and the roads are bigger. Never have I seen 50-60mph be the standard speed limit on most roadways.

The Irvine campus for Verizon Wireless was phenomenal. A spectacular golden hue surrounds the five buildings, each three stories high. It seems to me like this campus was built on a farm before anything else was build around it. Slowly, the urban sprawl has encroached from the north and is beginning to envelop the site.

Irvine was great! It was good to finally meet all the team members whom I've only known by voice for the past year. It's always fun to put a face to the voice of others you work with.

No sooner was I back in Sacramento when I was road-bound for Texas. I can re-affirm why driving to Texas is such a bad idea. Whilst we chose a different route than before, there's just as much of nothing as the first time. Don't get me wrong, it's a beautiful drive across the Southwestern United States, it's just a long and tedious drive to boot. I suppose if there was a stop a long the way and we would have made the trip a two day event it might be bearable. But in solid fashion, it was a non-stop event: Texas or bust.

We stayed at my friend George's. Oddly, he didn't show up until the moment we were about to leave. Chad and I had hoped to show George out for a night on the town for the generosity of staying at his apartment, but to no avail. I later found out that George found a new love and was wooing and cooing someone. Way to go George!

At last the week was over, I flew home to Sacramento. I'm happy to be home, sad that I can't travel more often.


Road Trip (or two)

2003-04-22 12:00pm

Excitement is mounting as the time nears for me to travel to Irvine, CA! Woo Hoo! Verizon Wireless is graciously paying for a four day whirlwind trip so I can be a SME (Subject Matter Expert) for our billing system conversion. Gosh, I feel so special. Now to find something to do while I'm down in So Cal. Last time I was there I swore never to go back, but... I'm going to break that rule since it's company sponsored.

What's more, once I return, I get to turn around and leave for a three day extravaganza to Texas. My good friend Chad is getting stationed in San Antonio and wanted company for the long drive to the lone star (state that is). Of course, I plan to get him there in 24 hours so we can have one night on the DFW metroplex.


New Vacation Photos

2003-03-15 12:00pm

I've been swearing for years now that I would load some photos of the various trips I have taken over the last five years. Now, I finally got it together. Check out my new Vacation Station.


Update This Tired Website

2003-03-01 12:00pm

The time has come at last for me to take interest in my personal website. I will be dedicating more time to updating this site to show as a better reflection of myself. I will use this page to update those interested on important events in my life. Feel free to stop by any time!


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